Wellbeing Thought for Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Tuesday 23 March
In the flow

Many psychologists place an emphasis on living out of our strengths. We can see in the life of Elijah how he accomplished difficult tasks with apparent ease – a wonderful picture of someone living out of their God-given strengths.

Being ‘engaged’ or being ‘in the flow’ is where we feel our best and perform our best with total focus. To increase the amount of time we spend ‘in the flow’ we need to manage and steward our energy. We will perform better at certain times for certain tasks – give your best energy to the things that matter most!

We also need to build in time to rest and recover. Build in breaks – even if it’s just for a few minutes. You may want to exercise and ask God for fresh wisdom and strength in those breaks.

>When have you been ‘in the flow’? What was it like? How could you re-order your daily and weekly schedule to give your best time and energy to the things that matter most?
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