Wellbeing Thought for Monday 1st March 2021

Monday 1 March

Spiritual renewal

 Have you ever allowed your petrol gauge to get into the red zone? Not only could you run out of petrol, you could also damage the engine. The same is true for your spiritual life: If you don’t refill your spiritual tank, you will get depleted on the inside and eventually do damage to every part of your life.

After his spiritual high, when he won a victory over the Baal priests, Elijah the prophet went into a deep hole of spiritual depletion. This can happen to us, too! When we give out without receiving from God for ourselves we can end up with spiritual burnout.

God lovingly restored Elijah. This involved a 40-day journey to Mount Sinai.

The Lord desires us to spend time alone with him. Henri Nouwen wrote, “We don’t take the spiritual life seriously if we do not set aside some time to be with God and listen to him.”

We live after Jesus’ resurrection and the coming of the Spirit, so we don’t have to go on a 40-day pilgrimage to do that! We can learn to practice the presence of God in our everyday life.

Thank God today for his presence. Invite him to help you become more aware of him in your everyday life. Consider how you can make time in your daily schedule to seek him. “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” (James 4.8)