Wellbeing Thought for Saturday 20th February 2021

Saturday 20 Feb

Habits for physical wellbeing

The key to making progress is establishing healthy habits. Routines and habits – good ones and bad ones – make up around 45 percent of our everyday actions! Small changes can have big effects over time. In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear suggests three steps:

  • Reminder (the trigger that initiates the behaviour)
  • Routine (the action you take)
  • Reward (the benefit you get from doing it)

Plan to make a change, based on this principle, for example: put out your running shoes before you go to bed and treat yourself to a hot bath or some nice music or a favourite book or magazine after your run.

Take some time today to review what you’ve learned this week. Which one step could you take in the areas of sleep, diet and exercise?